Best practices for keeping your Qlik framework under version control

I’ve worked with multiple Qlik environments where  Qlik Deployment Framework (QDF) is combined with a version control system during the past years. This hands on experience from multiple environments combined with several interesting discussions with colleagues, clients and Qlik have given me an insight on dos and do nots. The following post is a part of my best […]

Sense it from your browser

A couple of months ago I discovered a neat Chrome Plugin for Qlik Sense. It allow me to drag and drop table data from my browser into a Qlik Sense application.  I haven’t used it a lot, but it is quite handy when you run upon a small dataset on internet that you want to […]

QlikView Server Super Agent

My latest Qlik re-discovery is the QlikView Server Super Agent, a power tool that monitor and log  QlikView services. It do also alert me or the IT administration by email  if one of the a services goes down. Power tools The QlikView Server Super Agent is one of the many small smart tools that are bundled into the QlikView […]

QlikView 11.2 SR10ß

Technical Bulletin – QlikView 11.20 Service Release 10 Beta is now available Qlik announced yesterday that they are opening the beta program for QlikView 11.20 SR 10. The main feature in this release is a change in the color handling of pie charts. Follow the link if you want to know more or join the […]

The 9 folders of QlikView Deployment Framework

The main building block of the QlikView deployment framework (qdf) is the resource container.  Every environment using QDF will be build using only one to many instances of this homogeneous structured entity. When first introduced to the QDF the first thing you’ll notice is the container folder and it’s 9 folders structure. I’ll explain which they are and […]

Blogroll week 46

Medium – Responsive design: it’s an ethos, not simply a technique A post by Qlik’s design strategist about responsive design and why pixel perfect design is not the way to for a business tool that is to be consumed on multiple kind of units. Qlik Community –  Tree visualization It’s not a blog, but could have […]