About me

I am Vegar Lie Arntsen ¬†an experienced QlikView and Qlik Sense developer and designer. I’m a part of the BI consutant team at Exsitec in Uppsala Sweden.

Smart solutions for tricky problems gets me going. I am also participate in dialogs about regarding BI architecture, data modeling, geographical analysis, market analysis and call center analysis.

I am also an early adopter to the Qlikview Deployment
Framework, Qliks framework for deploying, managing and develop QlikView environments.

What I write on this blog are my thoughts and ideas and that does not not nessecary reflect the view of my employer.

I am also an editor of the swedish BI blog http://bi-effekten.se run by my employer egbs consulting ab.

Linkedin: http://se.linkedin.com/in/vearn/
Twitter: http://www.linkedin.com/veglar

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