Best practices for keeping your Qlik framework under version control

I’ve worked with multiple Qlik environments where  Qlik Deployment Framework (QDF) is combined with a version control system during the past years. This hands on experience from multiple environments combined with several interesting discussions with colleagues, clients and Qlik have given me an insight on dos and do nots. The following post is a part of my best […]

Powerful variable editing with Sublime and inQlik tools

Swedish version::   Kraftfull variabel-hantering med InQlik Tools Centralized expression handling is a topic that rise in an organization when their QlikView environment matures. There are many reasons why one wants to move expressions and variables from individual QlikView documents into a centralized location. Often it’s about ensuring that a single kpi is calculated in the same […]

QDF became Qlik Sense compatible

From the first time I heard about Qlik Sense (.next) the Qlik architecture team stated that QlikView users would benefit from using the QlikView Deployment Framework (qdf). This became obvious last Thursday when Qlik released version 1.4.1 of the framework with support for both Qlik Sense Desktop and Qlik Sense Server. With this latest release […]