A couple of my favourite reads the last two weeks.

 Business Discovery Blog – We have some big news to share! DataMarket has been acquired by Qlik.

The big Qlik news from last week. Qlik aquires icelandic DataMarket that have some unique technique for handling less structured data.

Infinity Insight – Logging out of QlikView

An blog post by Vlad Gutkovsky presenting a solution to enable a sign out button to QlikView accespoint.

BI experience – Google Pie Chart Extension Object

Presents a new Google chart QlikView document extension.  I’m as many of you are not a big fan of pie charts, but when I do I could use .

Nautilus – Five ways to lie with charts

Pitfalls to avoid (or use) misleading data visualization. By Becca Cudmore and Jennifer Daniel.

Have great weekend



2 comments on “Blogroll week 45

    1. Sure.
      Creating extensions is not my best strength so I’m happy that others do and share with the community.

      Keep up the good work.

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